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Still Going

Despite the insanely warm temperatures the last few days we have been collecting sap on a steady basis. It has not been an amazing year to say the least but the year is not quite over for us. I am hoping that the buds are going to hold off for a few more days and we can keep getting clear and happy sap.

We are still chasing batch number 8, we are just trying to get enough sap to make it worth while to start up the evaporator. It has been a love hate relationship with the big dog, Mike had to take the whole burner apart and clean every nook and cranny. We know a lot more about how it works now, lets hope we can keep it working.

We have had a ton of visitors up at the shack in the few weeks that we have been boiling, It has been a lot of fun. We have put together a quick little video for you guys to take a look at. Shot on St. Paddy’s in the sugar shack Enjoy!

Stoke up the Fire!

A friend of mine just sent me this little video. Though it seems a bit early for most but not for us.

We have a friend coming up this weekend to work in the bush with us, I hope we don’t work him too hard.

“Stoke up the fire, it’s maple syrup time!”


Royal Winter Fair 2009

This was the first year that I decided to check out the Royal winter fair held in Toronto. I would have never gone if it was not for my sister who was taking care of the Guelph booth at the show, thanks Sis. It gave me a chance to see some of the different farmers in Ontario and was a really interesting experience. I have never really been interested in farming growing up, I was always looking forward to getting out of the small town and into the big city. The Royal winter fair kind of was the best of both world.

I talked to all the maple syrup producers at the show, everyone had great insight and was very helpful. Two booths let really talk their ear off and even let me shoot some video. The first was from White Meadows farms. Richard was really nice and gave me some great tips on maple candy making. It turns out that they won best maple candy at the show last year so I am sure he knows what he’s talking about.

Next I had a chance to talk to Tracy Moore at Everything Maple. I have talked about her in an earlier post. She really went through everything with me and was happy to do so. She even gave me a few books to about packaging maple syrup. The great thing was the she knew all of the maple syrup producers from the island. You can really tell in the video that she is passionate about what she does. It was great to get to know other members of the Ontario maple syrup community outside of the island.

Now I know that the winter fair was a months ago but I have not had a chance to get everything off the camera until last week. I also want to apologize for the shakiness of the camera and the strange viewing angles. It was pretty loud and I wanted to make sure I got the sound I needed. Anyway, now that I have built it up, please enjoy.

sap to syrup edit

Hello Everyone

Recently I found an online video on how to make maple syrup eggnog. I seemed like a nice enough recipe but what really got me was the fact the presenter was using fake maple syrup.

I decided to dub over the real ingredients that she was using, enjoy.

Remember there is no substitute for real maple syrup!