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Lines Are Going up

WHEEEEEEHHAAAAAAA! We are done with the majority of snow moving and removing around the shack. Maybe…Not really. Okay there is still lots to shovel…

Thanks to Casey Lightnin’ we’re one step closer. At least we have the lines up and connected to the extractor. ACoo Coo Coo!


Lines Going up

Main Line #2 Going up


Lines Going Up2

Main Line #1 Going Up.





And it Snowed

Well It looks like winter is back in style. That style being almost a foot of snow. I am wondering why that did not happen in, you know, January. Oh well you got to roll with it.

We are still puttering with a few things around the bush, we definitely need to get the little sugarshack fixed up so that it is not a steam bath. I also built a make shift bridge for our quads to go over the main lines. It is quite the maze to figure out, if we can cross the line in that one little spot then we don’t have to drive in the complete opposite direction.

We were able to collect a tiny bit of sap over the last few days but really nothing to write home about (but I guess something to write in the blog). We have not really been doing a whole lot in the last little while, just waiting for everything to start.

Mike has set up his drums in the living room and we have been jamming the last few nights, it has been a blast. Brianna is really grooving the Mandolin and she only picked it up a few days ago.

So that is the deal we are waiting for the sap to run and avoiding tree branches.

The Bomb

So it has been a while since I have posted anything. I have been working on setting up my new computer system. I recently switched over to a mac from PC, something I suggest everyone do. When I was moving all my files from one computer to another I found some old pictures and videos from the 2008 syrup season.

I was going crazy with dial up, trying to upload a video took 8h or so. I found this video of my friend and I taking his new to him bombardier trail groomer for a ride through the bush. I am not sure what the model number is but it’s pretty kick ass. This year we have a new 4 wheeler I am sure that it is going to help us out the the bush, though I don’t think it could take out a tree like this.