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Summers here

So summer is here in full force and we are loving it. It is almost July and syrup season seems a life time away, or does it? There is no real way to get away from it there is always something else that needs to be done or needs to be fixed. Like today for example I am building boxes for our maple syrup bottles because the boxes that they were shipped in can not possible hold the weight of the syrup.


I have been thinking in the last little while about moving back up north it has been a great time. My girlfriend and I have been up here for over a year and we feel that we are better for it. Making the move from down town Toronto to St. Joseph Island was quite a jump especially for a city girl like Brianna but she has adapted to this life very well.


There are however some hurdles to over come such as Ontario’s stupid graduated license system. It takes one year of a learners permit before you can take your test to drive alone. Sound good in principal but it just means that she has no way to leave the house unless I am here to drive her. It is a real pain in the ass.


We also miss the food in Toronto, we could get all sorts are great cuisines from around the world just out our front door, here all the restaurants are basically the same.


We also really miss the great friends we made in Toronto and really miss being able to hang out with them the way we use to. There were also different types of shows and concerts not really the same thing here.


One of the hardest things for me is having to give up my career in web development, though it was not by choice. No one up here is very keen on the whole internet thing, it is impossible to get any internet where we are living so I have to travel to town to send an email or do a blog post. So web development is out of the picture while I am here which kind of sucks, but hey thats life.


To make matters worse it seems that our video camera has gone missing, that was kind of our back bone for taking pictures and shooting video for the website. We have found some alternatives but it really does not work as well. Mike and I have been looking every where for the last week but have not had any luck yet.


We will hang in there if you do, stay tuned for more and if you haven’t yet take a look at our new “friends of sap to syrup” section.


Base ball across from the dufferin mall

Toronto Streets in winter, Corner of Bloor and Russett

Guys from Toronto

Hey out there.

I invited a couple of friends up from Toronto to see what Maple Syrup was like, they worked like crazy and had a good time.

luckiest shot ever


Down the Hill

Heading down the NEW P-Line Hill

Spence hanging out with his Friend.

Happy Adrian

Happy Dan

The New Bloor Street Festival – 2010

I had a great time at The New Bloor Street Festival this year. It being the first year I did not really know what to expect. I wanted to get a place right on the corner of Russet and Bloor right above Hair Wave where our old apartment was.

It was great to talk to some of the people in the neighborhood. When I was living up north I didn’t know that there was a community in Toronto, I always thought that people kept to themselves and were distant to each other. Dominic at Hair Wave was, I think, the first person to teach me how vibrant and friendly Toronto can be. It was sad to hear that he would be closing his doors only one week after the festival was finished, after being there for 31 years.

The New Bloor Street Festival was put on by two great chaps Dougal Bichan and Sid Bruyn. I watched them running back and forth all day long organizing every little detail. There were also lots of great volunteers helping out. They did an amazing job and I can’t wait until next year. I wonder if they will still call it “New”?

We also had a chance to chat with some amazing people at the Starving Artist Waffle Booth. If there is one thing on the planet that goes perfect with maple syrup, it is waffles. We provided them with some of our very special Dark Syrup and it seemed to be a real hit.

There were ton’s of interesting people stopping in to say hello. One of them was a member of the Toronto Beekeepers Co-op of Toronto. They told me about a really cool plan to tap the trees in the parks of down town. Dufferin Grove park, right near my apartment, has about 20 or so really nice sized Sugar Maples most of them double or triple tappers. I think it is an amazing idea! The more sweat nectar of the gods we can get the better. This year they were able to tap silver maples and red maples but the city would not let them tap any of the sugar maples. Kind of makes you scratch you head but……. there you go.

All in all it was a great time and it gave me a chance to talk Maple Syrup with everyone who wondered by.

Off dial up

Well I am back in Toronto and back on high speed internet.

This makes me very very happy indeed, but of course I miss the bush. There was  a ton of stuff that we accomplished over the weekend I was up north. Once I got a chance to get to know the bush I understand a lot more about what Mike was talking about.

I think that we are in a great place right now because we have been laying everything out and planning things together. Every tree that we want to tap is marked with red or pink tape. Where we are going to run the main line is also marked with blue tape and leveled. Mike and I had a great time chatting about how we were going to run the lines and what trees we were going to tap and how. If we were ever going to kill each other that would have been the time but we came out of it smiling!

We shot lots of great video and took lots of great pictures. I will be posting them soon.

That’s all for now

Back to High speed

Ohh how I love high speed internet, I can just log in and post something in about 30-40 seconds rather than hours and hours.

So I am back in Toronto and ready to head over to a buddies place for Easter Sunday supper. I had a bit of a problem at the airport as I loaded up my bag to much with syrup. The nice ladies at the check in said they would get rid of some of it for me. The one nice thing about syrup is that everyone wants it no matter where you go.

I was checking out one of my favorite design website when I came accross this picture.

It makes me think of all the time I spend screwing with firewood this year. Hopefully next year it won’t be an issues. I guess if you are going to make wood fired syrup than you have to split firewood.