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Hello folks

With firewood done for the year and the setup in hibernation, Dave and I have been relaxing as much as the off season allows.  But it won’t last long. We have acquired some things to upgrade the operation.  There should be some interesting posts coming up. 



Things to Think about

Well there are so many questions to be asking when putting together a new Sugarbush. Right now I’m having a bit of trouble trying to find the right size bottles  to sell Maple syrup in.

The 250 mL bottle seemed to be the most popular but as it turns out I only have one left. This means that I’m most likely going to have to break up some of my great big 4 L jugs into 250 mL.  Fortunately  I have all the equipment I need to do this.  I have also found a comprehensive manual which gives the process of hot packing in detail.

In and I’ve been thinking about is what we are going to name the new Sugarbush. I was thinking about keeping the same name as the URL that I have now,  sap to syrup  I still want to get some feedback and not necessarily do with that in 100%.

Most likely will come up with a short list and then maybe have a poll  to see which one wins.

Mike has a good priceless together  of all the equipment that were  going to need. It’s pretty good starting point and I think that we can cover a pretty comfortably.