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Setting up The Bush

Dave is home and we are working hard to dig out from what Old Man Winter has left us with. We put our road crossings in and brought the lines back to a 4% rise away from the Sugar Shack to maximize the vacuum efficiency.

Next step: tapping the bush.

Digging Out Main Lines

Digging Out Main Lines

We have so much snow; the main lines were completely covered in some areas.

Finding a Buried Tap Line

Finding a Buried Tap Line

Some of our tap lines were buried deep.

Keeping The Grade at 4%

Keeping The Grade at 4%

Setting Up Lines

Fallen Team Player

We lost a team player, which fell on Main Line #6. At least it’ll make good firewood.

Martha Carlson no Maple Syrup by 2100

I just found this video on youtube today about a scientist and maple syrup producer Martha Carson. She is doing some work down in New Hampshire figuring out if the maple trees are in distress down there or not.

Climate change is something we all have to be aware of especially being an agricultural business. Mike and I keep some pretty good records of what is happening in the bush but it would be good to know if we can help this cause in any way.

Take a look at the video and see what you think.

A sweet end

Well yesterday was amazing. I tapped about 21 trees but I spend most of the day fixing things that needed to be fixed. Bill told me that he had a pellet gun so we took it to the bush.., and if we were target practicing with the pellet gun and a squirrel happens to walk in front of it., we can’t be held responsible for the fact that the little devil spawn got in the way. We went through about 800L of sap that day. I forgot how much work it really is to be running around like that, checking levels, checking temperature. I was able to have those amazing drinks too. Every time I had a one I was happy I was not drinking an Ottawa, stupid pancake, non alcoholic, over priced, what the shit! Beaver Tails,I felt great.

Today there was a bit of a blizzard, we went out there but, ya know, there was nothing really to do. We did not fire up and make any syrup, we kinda fixed little things and drank a few cold beaver tails. I really like making syrup for some strange reason. It seems to me there is enough to learn here that I could study forever. I don’t think Bill would care if he turned a profit or not. I also think the bug has got me on this one.

I will be back next year!