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Syrup Slumps – Bad production season

Well It turns out that this year was pretty bad for everyone, not just Sugar Island Maple Grove.

A recent article in the Ottawa citizen show that there was an industry slump in both Maple Syrup Production and Honey production.

you can read the full article here.

Canada production was down from 5.1 million gallons last year to 4.9 million gallons of maple syrup this year, a 4.8% drop in production. The main culprit was of course the weather, even though I think ours was more of the stack!

This however drives the price of syrup up as there in more demand than supply. So if you are an independent producer of maple syrup SELL NOW!

Christmas is a perfect time to sell maple syrup because many people want to give it as gifts in addition to regular consumption. Once Christmas is over I feel that the price will drop again until the end of the year. Kind of like the price of pumkins in the simpsons.

Real Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup is one of the best gifts to give at Christmas. It is compact, decedent and at a great price point. It is perfect for the person who has everything because you can always use more Maple Syrup.

I was shopping at the mall the other day and found some maple syrup for sale. Naturally I took a look at it to see what grade it was and what price they were selling it at. The price tag I found but that was about it.

The laws governing maple syrup production in Canada state that:

12. (1) Every container of maple syrup that is graded under these Regulations shall bear a label marked

(a) with the words “maple syrup” and “sirop d’érable”;

(b) with the grade name on the same panel as the name of the product and in letters of a size set out in Schedule IV;

(c) with the name of the colour class in English and French adjacent to the grade name and in letters of a size set out in Schedule IV;

(d) with a true and correct declaration of net quantity expressed in litres or, where less than one litre, in millilitres;

(e) with

(i) the name and address of the sugar bush establishment, the packing establishment or the maple syrup shipper establishment, or

(ii) the name and address of the first dealer and the registration number of the packing establishment.

Some of these regulations pertain to other section of the act (12.1.c) but I wanted to put these laws up verbatim.

If you see Maple Syrup that does not follow these regulations then you might not be buying the best maple syrup. Let the store clerk know that what they are selling might not be legal, they most likely did not know them selves.

It is great to know exactly what you are getting when you buy Maple Syrup. If you want to find out a bit more about maple syrup regulations in Canada you can always check out the following links:

Regulation outlined by

full Maple Products Regulations