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Is it Running Yet…

Any Sap Yet?

Any Sap Yet?

Still no Sap… So Firewood…

Stay Tuned Season #5 is coming Eventually…

funny song

I found this little song on youtube and it got stuck in my head. I thought I would share the madness.

“the hard wood or the inner most part of the tree, gives support and sta-bil-i-ty”



First Sap Run 2012

Yes the sap did run, we have proof. It has been a pretty mild winter so far and it seems the trees started up. Mike has two buckets on the trees just outside his house to test if that sap is running. So there you go, if we were tapped in and ready we “could” have made syrup.

So much to do, so little time..

first sap of 2012

SAP training not sap training.

Sap to syrup was contacted a little while ago by a company that does S-A-P training. They basically do training for a myriad of different clients. You can check out more of what they do at

They found us somehow in the online world and thought that it would be fun to use our product in the one of the commercials that they were shooting. Mike and I thought that would be a pretty cool and just today we received an email saying that the commercial was completed.

I think that the subject matter is very enlightening when it come to extracting sap from a maple tree. A very good seminar, but you be the judge.

flannel will never go out of style

To much sap

We have  too much sap right now. This sounds like a good thing but we can’t possibly evaporate  all of it. Sap doesn’t last forever it goes cloudy and sour after a few days of sitting in above freezing tempratures.

Since it is about 14˚C outside the sap will go bad even faster so it is a race against the clock.

So we have fired up Burns to preheat the sap and feed it to Chuck. This means that batch 9 is going to be a double wood fired batch.

Chuck and Burns making double fired

There is no snow left in the bush at all but people have been saying the ground is still frozen so who knows how much longer we have to collect sap.


Boiling it down

Do you wonder why maple syrup is so expensive? Well the reason that it’s so expensive is because a great deal of energy goes into making it. Below is a video that shows exactly how much wood it takes when you fire boiler. We fire one side of the boiler at the time this way there’s minimal heat loss.

we put about that much wood in the archway every 15-20 minutes, that means that we are firing the boiler every 7-10 minutes. This is of course depending on the different types of what and how dry it is. This year was a bit of a disaster as we ran out of wood and had to spend some of the time burning some not so dry popular.

Mike stumbled across a great website called This website is full of information in regards to firewood.  My favorite part of the website is the energy per air dried cord or in thousands of BTUs. This gives a list of the most efficient types of firewood to use.

I thought that the best wood to use was iron wood, I might have the wrong name for it though. As I can’t find it anywhere in  it’s very dense wood that doesn’t grow very large, it has kind of a flaky bark as he gets older.  Maybe somebody can help me.  The bark looks a bit like Black Ash when it’s older, but I don’t think that’s right.