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First Sap Run 2012

Yes the sap did run, we have proof. It has been a pretty mild winter so far and it seems the trees started up. Mike has two buckets on the trees just outside his house to test if that sap is running. So there you go, if we were tapped in and ready we “could” have made syrup.

So much to do, so little time..

first sap of 2012

First run and tree buring

Well yesterday was pretty full, first thing we did was get the truck stuck, not to bad though. We were also able to put in 140 taps. The real problem started when the electric motor for the vacuum system stopped working. We have to get that fixed tomorrow (it had to break over the weekend).

The tree burning ceremony went really well. Our theme was “presents under the tree” we used the plethora of cardboard boxes from the garage and some stove oil as the fuel. It was stacked with fireworks and went up great. I have video but, you know ….Dial up. The whole thing was choreographed to some funk music, really cool.

So I also had a chance to see Mike and Steph last night. Mike has been working on some great songs and brought over a few CDs. We stayed up way way to late last night so I was in no condition to go out to the bush today. Instead I went to play out on the ice which is breaking up right now. We called it burging when the ice starts to break up you can ride the iceburgs around, it’s a buzz. I also had a little friend out there with me today. A mink ran out onto the ice right beside me and started fishing, it was pretty cool. I have video of that as well but you know…Dial up (how do people live like this?)

We finally got the boiler all put together and pulled off the first run of syrup. His new setup is beautiful! Everything is stainless steel. The new evaporator works like a dream and it doesn’t take nearly the same amount of wood to keep going. So everything is in place and we can really start hammering down and producing maple syrup.