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Sap to Syrup Business Plan

Alright so I’m sitting here, procrastinating really, getting ready to write a business plan for our Sugarbush.

There’s been a lot of stuff happening in recent days. Mike and Steph (Mike’s fiancee) have successfully cut split and piled 15 cords and wood which will be our fuel this year. This is a definite load off my mind. Mike keeps me really well-informed but I still feel a little apprehensive as I haven’t seen anything, Mike still is not taking any pictures. (I think he wants it to be a surprise)

I have the daunting task to write the entire business plan for the Sugarbush. This is going to help us organize everything that we need in order to push forward. It’s also going to solidify the plane both Mike and I have.

It still doesn’t mean that I am going to enjoy this, I’m written business plans before and boy do they ever take a lot of effort, but I guess that’s why they’re worth it.

alright I’ve killed enough time doing this.
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The start of something beautiful

Well it looks like I’m going to be expanding my maple syrup career. I was up north on St. Joseph  Island and I got to talking with a very good friend of mine  Mike Garside.  Mike is on the far end of the island at a beautiful hunting camp in the middle of the woods.  his grandfather and father both used to work in the Sugarbush that is on the property. Mike and I started chatting and thought maybe we should revisit the Bush and bring it back to life.

Mike and I go back a long way our first adventure together and commerce was our firewood business. My father had logged  are old property and the logger had left all the tops of the trees in the back of the Bush. After leaving all these tops four a year Mike and I collected an old truck, wood splitter, a chainsaw and a hell of a lot of work. It was one of the better working relationships I’ve had in my life.

We had a chance to walk the Sugarbush and made a rough estimate of about 800 taps in full  Bush. In the first year though I don’t believe we  will try to put in all the taps  for now we would be content with 400.  Some of the old equipment is still there like a beautiful  stainless steel boiling pans. It also helps that there’s power out there and a cornucopia of odds and ends that you’d don’t know you need until you need them.

Well are on our way for another adventure that’s for sure. At least now I’m going to have something to talk about on a regular basis on my blog. It’s incredible how much I’ve been lacking in the last little while I apologize to anyone who  has come here hoping to find new content.

I plan to be investing a little bit more time and effort into this website I know I always say that by this time I’m going to as I want to begin selling our beautiful woodfired maple syrup online.

Stay tuned for some more updates and check out my broken bone.

The scaphoid is broken

The scaphoid is broken