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3 batch night!

The Price of Maple Syrup

Since I have come back from N.O. I have been trying to figure out what the price of maple syrup is in Toronto. I only brought about 10L back with me and have been worried about making sure the price I charge is accurate.

I figured I would go somewhere that is known for the Low Low prices and see how much they were selling it for.

Turns out that 250 ml of Amber sells for $6.37 and 375 ml sells for $8.17. So this give me a bit of a base to go on, I think.  I still have a number of other place to check out in the area but at least I can start doing some figuring. I still have to factor in how I am going to get all of this stuff down here.

On another note I received an email Thursday the 16th from a friend on the island. Turns out that time they were still making Light and extra light in most of the bushes last week. I can’t believe that the season is lasting so long, it’s pretty wild.
He was talking about putting together a small operation at his hunting camp next year. It sounds pretty cool to me but once you have a vacuum system it is hard to go back to collecting buckets again. Still it makes a lot of sense to put together a nice little operation like this, try to do something relatively on my own before I invest in a large bush. Of course everyone this year is thinking about expanding because of how amazing it has been.

Next year I hope to employ a few people from Toronto at Bill’s place, it might give me some time to work in more than one bush (I am sure that I am being very naive). Regardless I have started crunching some numbers to see if I can make this into a viable business. Lord knows there is a demand down here.