Setting up The Bush

Dave is home and we are working hard to dig out from what Old Man Winter has left us with. We put our road crossings in and brought the lines back to a 4% rise away from the Sugar Shack to maximize the vacuum efficiency.

Next step: tapping the bush.

Digging Out Main Lines

Digging Out Main Lines

We have so much snow; the main lines were completely covered in some areas.

Finding a Buried Tap Line

Finding a Buried Tap Line

Some of our tap lines were buried deep.

Keeping The Grade at 4%

Keeping The Grade at 4%

Setting Up Lines

Fallen Team Player

We lost a team player, which fell on Main Line #6. At least it’ll make good firewood.

Is it Running Yet…

Any Sap Yet?

Any Sap Yet?

Still no Sap… So Firewood…

Stay Tuned Season #5 is coming Eventually…

Coming Soon Syrup Season #5


Stay tuned.

Balsams in Our Midst

Balsam fir trees (aka the green devils) threaten to overrun our sugar bush. They suck up much needed nutrients from our team players, the Maple trees. Balsam Fir tend to make the soil unattractive to most flora of the sugar bush; they blot out the light from the young up and coming trees; they cast many seeds per year that are very easily germinated; they grow fast and tall, outgrowing their root stability and falling over, taking out many young, struggling maple trees.
Balsams make it hard for a maple bush to grow, reproduce, and flourish.

This results in us trying to keep em in check.

Season 5 is Just Around The Corner

It comes quick and catches you off guard. Just ask Flyin’ Tim.

Saptosyrup Below The 48th…

Good Friend of Saptosyrup Brad Johnson (W.P.P) Of California USA sent a pic of his new found love…YYYIIIHHAAA

Coffee & Maple Syrup.

Thanks and Enjoy Brad.


Brad T.v's New Favorite Combo.

Brad T.v’s New Favorite Combo.



The St Joseph Island Country Road Open House

Map Of the Country Road Open House

Map of the Country Road Open House


The Leaves are turning Frost is coming and the Autumn winds are starting to blow. That means its time for a fall colour show presented by Mother Nature, and while your out and about…

The St Joseph Island Country Road Open House is Here…

Saptosyrup will be one of many Island residents Running a booth for it. We will be in Hilton Beach for The Country Road Open House this Oct 5th & 6th. So come on out and take the Scenic ride around the Island and stop in and check out the Awesomeness.


Be there or be Square…

Carnie Marnie is in Town

Hey Folks If you like Body Art Then you’ll be interested to know World Class Artist Carnie Marnie is in the Sault this week. She has come from Geneva Switzerland to give her Customers what they want.

World Class Tattoo’s.

Her client list takes her all over the World, so she is only around for a short time.

She also has some Pretty Amazing Prints ,Ink&water colour,1 Shot Paintings, Serigraphs, and Some Totally Awesome Toilet Seats. Definitely Worth checking out.
It may be to late to get in this time, but she will be coming back again so if you want to find out when and how to get an appointment when she returns. check out




Them Two Four Letter Words Put Together…


Definition: The Third Inevitability Of Life.

So we said Pitter-patter Lets Get At ‘Er




Firewoodin Video

The Saptosyrup Pancake Picnic Video

We had an Awesome Day of meeting new faces and introducing people to Maple Syrup. A lot of Pancakes were consumed and the smiling faces were all around.  A Great Day.

We made a movie for your viewing pleasure.

Here it is folks enjoy. http://youtu.be/st6B3ROwD1s



Pancake Picnic

Pancake Picnic


Saptosyrup, The Action Riot Guild & Kackleberry’s Cafe Present…………





LOCATION:  KACKLEBERRY”S CAFE  market mall Sault ste Marie.

DATE: Sunday July 14 2013

TIME: 8:00 to 6:00

We have a good ole day of Maple Syrup, Pancakes, Prizes, and a chance to be in one of our promotional videos.

So come on down to Kackleberry’s on the 14th and get some of the sweet stuff.

Here is a little video from the Gang…http://youtu.be/ThB602amw4A

KCain Photography

We here at Saptosyrup would like to Present to You..

KCain Photography.

Well folks We though we would share the amazing photo’s from our own Kaitlyn Cain. She had been taking shots of the Sugar bush this spring whilst making the golden goodness. Kaitlyn’s got an eye for the sweet shot’s (pun intended).

She took so many awesome shots this spring that we decided, we will release a few from time to time throughout the year.

So for now here are a couple of our Favourite’s..

Kcain the slow drip

Kcain the slow drip


Kcain Thermometer

Kcain Thermometer


Stay Tuned For More To Come……


Keep the great shot’s coming Kaitlyn…….

17th Annual Canadian Arts Festival After the Show..

Well first of all Thank you to everyone that helped us make it a successful show all around.  We had an awesome day talking to all the folks that dropped by to see our booth. We sold some Maple Syrup and showed some video’s and had a good ole time doing it.

Hope to see y’all next year.


Here is our booth..


Arts Fest Pic




The Newest Friend Of Saptosyrup… ISLAND SCOOP

Island Scoop

Island Scoop

We are Pleased to have our Maple Syrup for sale  at Island Scoop in our Home Town of Hilton Beach..

Down on the water front they have all kinds of awesome things to see, from the tastiest Ice Cream with an array of really cool  toppings, to Home Style Frozen pasta’s to satisfy the supper rush at your Summer time getaway, and gifts that could knock some names off the ole Christmas list…

When in Hilton this Summer Island Scoop is worth the stop.



17th Annual Canadian Arts Festival June 29th 2013

http://youtu.be/x3H9v0ys230  A little video for Your viewing.

Saptosyrup has been invited to the 17th annual Canadian Arts Festival in Richards Landing ON

It is a showcase and celebration of the Amazing Canadian Artists that we have in the Surrounding area.

We will be setting up a booth and showcasing the Artist’s that make up Saptosyrup and selling Maple Syrup.

It runs from 10am-5pm down town Richards Landing.

Hope to see y’all there


Lovely Sight

A Bottle Makes it Home…

A Maple Good Morning

A Maple Good Morning





Maple morning


Our Friend Scott Carrithers, from below the border was unsure when he visited early in April if he would be able to bring a bottle of Saptosyrup Maple Syrup home with him.

Well he sent us these triumphant Pics of a Tasty looking Breakfast with Maple Syrup.

Right on Scott and Family Enjoy those Pancakes.

New Sugarette’s First Sugar Shack Experience

Claire's First SS experiance

Claire’s First SS experiance

Well The newest member of the Sugarette’s had her first taste of the Sugar Shack This year.

Claire Robinson was very curious with all the shinny things around to grab her attention. The hustle and bustle and Sweet smells had her smiling.

Welcome to the Saptosyrup team Claire.

Maple Syrup: How Can Something This Sweet Be Good For Me?

Lets start off with how good Maple Syrup Tastes. We At Saptosyrup could only sum it up with Total Awesomeness.

If you have a sweet tooth the pleasing Maple Flavour accompanied buy the infused wood smoke (of wood fired syrup Saptosyrup’s favourite kind to make and eat) has a way of bringing you back to the simple enjoyments of life. If you haven’t tasted Maple Syrup before you are missing out on the thick mouth watering Natural Healthy Maple Goodness.

How Healthy Is Maple Syrup?

Well Friends… Its ok to put a little More in that Coffee, or on your Pancakes, in your Cake and Muffin Mix, and for Wherever you use white cane sugar/molasses/brown sugar….. Because Its actually a Super Food Full of Healthy Ingredients Mother Nature has snuck into the mix.

Here is some of the Benefits..

Zinc:  The Health of our Hearts is , excuse the pun but close to our hearts. So if you have your Hearts Health in mind and a Sweet Tooth then Maple Syrup is right up your ally.

I found the following at website  http://www.whfoods.com

The zinc supplied by maple syrup, in addition to acting as an antioxidant, has other functions that can decrease the progression of atherosclerosis. Zinc is needed for the proper function of endothelial cells and helps to prevent the endothelial damage caused by oxidized LDL cholesterol and other oxidized fats. (The endothelium is the inner lining of blood vessels.) Endothelial membranes low in zinc are much more prone to injury. Additionally, studies have found that in adults deficient in manganese, the other trace mineral amply supplied in maple syrup, the level of HDL (the “good” cholesterol) is decreased.

Manganese:  In trace amounts is part of the mix that helps Enzymes Important in the Production of Energy  and Antioxidant Defences.  The following found on the site http://www.whfoods.com

The key oxidative enzyme superoxide dismutase, which disarms free radicals produced within the mitochondria (the energy production factories within our cells), requires manganese. One ounce of maple syrup supplies 22.0% of the daily value for this very important trace mineral.”Immune System Boost: Zinc and Manganese support the functions of our Immune systems. Especially in Children. Wow it should be Easy to get Kids to Enjoy Building their Immune Systems to help them grow Healthy and Strong.

Zinc deficiencies studied have been linked to the number of White Blood Cells that are part of a Healthy Immune System.

Manganese is Very Important because of the Anti-inflammatory Properties, and it Promotes Healing. It also acts like an Immunostimulant.

Nice.. So you can Have your Maple Syrup and be Heathy Too.


Mens Health: Guess what its Sweet for the Love Life too.  Zinc for your D—  (interesting way to say it but its  rhyme i heard from an old farmer)  Its also believed to help Support  actual Reproductive Health for Men. Zinc’s Highest Concentration is found in the Prostate and at low levels it puts men at greater risk of Cancer of the Prostrate.

Manganese also has a Support role to the Production of Hormones that participate in the Reproductive Health of men.

Nutrient Analysis:

Based on two tea spoons total weight 13.33g

Calories–34.80 —-% DV–1.93

Calories from fat–0.24

Calories from Saturated fat–0.04

Carbohydrates–8.95 —-%DV–2.98

Sugar- total—7.94g

Other carbs–1.01g

Fat total–0.03g —-%DV–0.05

Mono fat–0.04

Poly fat–0.04


Minerals and Daily values.

Calcium–8.93mg —-%DV–0.89

Chromium–0.33mg —-%DV–0.28

Copper–0.01mg —-%DV–0.50

Iron–0.16mg —-%DV–0.89

Magnesium–1.87mg —-%DV–0.47

Manganese–0.44mg —-%DV–22.00

Phosphorus–0.27mg —-%DV–0.03

Potassium–27.20mg —-%DV–0.78

Selenium–0.08mcg —-%DV–0.11

sodium–1.20mg —-%DV–0.05

Zinc–0.55mg —-%DV–3.62

It even has trace amounts of OMEGA 6 fatty acids@0.01g

Check out the comparison to white sugar. Big Difference. http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/sweets/5592/2

Some More Good News Now studies are being done with Type 2 Diabetes and Maple Syrup as well. Makes Good Sense.

So There It Is:  Some of the Healthy Facts about the Sweet Nectar of The Gods.

We at Saptosyrup  Challenge YOU, to a Taste Test. Generic cane sugar made table syrup or corn syrup as compared with Maple Syrup.  Let us know on Facebook or comment on this post. We Would Like to Hear from You, our Friends and Members of the Syrup Enlightenment.

I’m Sure You will Taste a Major Difference.

New Sugarette Arrived

All OF US AT SAPTOSYRUP.com are Proud to announce a new sugarette in the family!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Tyler and Jill Ruevers

Here is Miss Olivia Mary Ruevers…so Beautiful!!!

Newest Sugarette

Newest Sugarette

Money is sometimes not what it seems

Well folks Being a Maple Syrup producer means you deal with cash a lot, and dealing with cash you come across bills that are ripped, drawn on, messages and phrases on them, but also Counterfeit bills come up every once in a while.

I found our first counterfeit 5 dollar bill the other day. I dropped the bill when i pulled it from my pocket. When I picked it up it didn’t seem right to me so i went a found another 5 and sure enough it is a counterfeit bill. Be careful when dealing with cash cause they look very close to the real thing, and using it is against the law. I don’t know how many people get them in their change and ect, but judging on the look

of this one a lot. Here some Pics of the bill and what to watch for.

If you notice the bad bill is missing the hologram on the sir Wilfred Laurier side. His likeness should be seen when held up to a light as well but this bad bill is missing that as well.  On the hockey scene side there is a strip of hologram that runs up and down the bill on the left side. The counterfeit does not. The text paragraph on the Scene side is also wrong it is farther to the right  and near the middle of the bad bill. There is even a big rip in it all taped up which i believe is on purpose to draw attention away from the things missing on it.

I have since destroyed the Bad Bill as this is the only option,its a bummer we are out $5 but it was a small price for a big education. I will be watching for them.

Watch out  don’t accept any imitations  to Canadian currency.



Front side

Front side




Right There

Right There

Counterfeit five

Right above my finger is where the likeness of SWL is when you hold it to the light

The bad bill with a good one for comparison

The bad bill with a good one for comparison


Darn faker

Darn faker

Maple Walnut Muffins

Sap To Syrup is proud to present the latest Maple creation in our fleet!

Lehrah Our Top Baker/Muffin Girl about to ride the couch

Maple Walnut Muffins
Lehrah’s World Famous Maple Walnut Muffins Exclusively At The Steamy Bean cafe Great Northern Road

Stop in and get em today.

A New Sugarette In The Sugar Bush Familys

Sap To Syrup is proud to announce a new addition to the sugarette’s club



She is healthy happy and ready to start tapping trees.

Congratulations  Julie & John & Emmett



A Visitor To The Syrup Bush

Look who stopped by for a Photo opp.

Pics From 2012 #1

Here are some pics from the season that we didn’t get a chance to release during. More to come….