Taking Orders Now

Well folks we are close to season now, even thought it’s still hitting -25C at night. It will only be about a week or so then it’s Go Time.

If you would like a bottle of sweet nectar from the Syrup Gods then send us a message  and we will add you to our list. You can also pick up our maple syrup at our retail partner outlets: Moose sweats in Richards landing and Island scoops in Hilton beach.

If you are in Sault Ste. Marie than email and he will gladly help you out.

The list is growing considerably each day and is on a first come first serve basis. We already have the first several batches sold so you better act quick.

We have two sizes available this year: 250 ml and 1 liter. We can ship it, but shipping and handling charges will apply.

Once you try our syrup, your pancakes will never be the same. Enjoy!


Syrupin' Time Again

Syrupin’ Time Again

Pic by The Master.

Maple shop

This month is just flying by. Soon it will be time for the sap to flow again, I can’t wait! I had a chance to talk with Mike today about how the bush was progressing. He has been insanely busy running mainlines and I wish I was up there to help him.

I have been busy myself putting together a little corner for all my maple syrup stuff. I tripled my storage space (I added a shelf). I now have a place for everything to go and I won’t have to dig around to find labels or a book. I have a very understanding girlfriend to let me use what little space we have in our bedroom store all my maple stuff.

Of course this is nothing compared to what Mike has been done in the last little while. My hat goes off to him.