Maple Syrup Season: so close yet so far away…

Brrrrrrrrrr it’s still chilly in the sugar bush. It’s getting as low as -20′s at night. We had a brief warm spell, but it didn’t last long. We are busy gearing up for the season and stacking that firewood.

Speaking of firewood, the bomb had some issue’s, but “Cyborg” Johny got it going again. YIP!

Bomb's Down

Bomb’s Down


Pat “The Master”, Casey”Lightnin” and Mike, started clearing trees and adding new taps to the sugar bush with the Section 5B Sap Ladder Project. YIP YIP!


Section 5B Extension


New Sugar Bush Section

New Sugar Bush Mainline


Adding A Sap Ladder

Adding A Sap Ladder


Approx 850 maples on tap and we’re trying for an even 1000. YIIIIIIHAAAAAAA!

Dave is going to be home soon! Saptosyrup Season 5 is real close.


Maple Pork Chops Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

Friend of Saptosyrup Morgan Stopes sent us a a pic of her maple glazed pork chops using Saptosyrup’s finest.

They certainly look delicious, we’ll have to get the recipe!

Ms. Morgan Stopes's Maple Glazed Pork Chops

Ms. Morgan Stopes’s Maple Glazed Pork Chops

Is it Running Yet…

Any Sap Yet?

Any Sap Yet?

Still no Sap… So Firewood…

Stay Tuned Season #5 is coming Eventually…

Photo’s From Our Midst…




Break On Through...

Break On Through…

Hey Folks Getting Geared and Prepped for a New Season… We Found a Couple Photo’s From Last Year, Hope It Satisfies The Call Of Syrup Season Craving

Kcain Photography

At Rest For Now. Idle Axes…

 Its Coming Soon…

Very busy up here in Grande Prairie

Hello out there I hope you are all enjoying all the sweet goodness we try and provide. It has been a busy few weeks here for me Up in here in Norther Alberta. I think all of the executives in Calgary are back from vacation because we have not stopped.

We have been working on two sites, one is about 2h away from town on some real goat trails through the bush the other is at a gas plant. This plant has had a number of H2s scares in the last little while so it is H2s monitors for everyone.

Thought I would take the time to upload a few picture from my adventures here. The only reason that I am doing this is because my Level II is running a few minutes late. So enjoy and have a good one.

Wow that pipe needs to be a bit more straight

Wow that pipe needs to be a bit more straight

Apples in the back yard, really want to make some cider.

Apples in the back yard, really want to make some cider.

Nice Rainbow Rob

Nice Rainbow Rob

A Cold March Day

As Sam Roberts of the Sam Roberts Band says “Everything moves real slow when its forty below”  Its not Forty below but it might as well be as far as the syrupin’ is concerned. We wait patiently for the next run and prep for next year already in the firewood area. We had lots of help this weekend and a new part of the sugar bush is cleaned of them daggone Balsam trees.

Emmett was on site to make sure we kept on task….

Here are some of Julie Robinson’s Photo’s from Emmett’s Day helping with firewood.


Bomb Ride

Bomb Ride



Emmett looking on

The harvest



Emmett Brought his dog Maggie to chase away the scooting squirrels.


Maggie Looking For Squirrels


We hope to be boiling soon…HAPPY ST PATRICK’S DAY ALL.




Sugar Bush Fall Cleaning

Syrup Season #4  is getting Closer!! Dave and I have been busy with New Projects and Syrup Season Prep work. I had some Visitors come and Help with the Fall Cleaning. The Robinson Family. Not the Swiss Version,the Echo Bay Crew.  Julie John Emmett and Puppa. Thanks Again for All the Help you Guys.

They took to the lines with Clean clean clean in mind, They did a Stellar Job just like the last time.

Our fall cleaning is part of the “get ready cause here comes the season” prep work we do at Saptosyrup. With roughly 4 months to go. (give or take a few weeks depending on what Mother Nature and her Friend old Man Winter do. They’ve been an Unreliable pair in recent years) The Season will come fast, as it always does and whatever we can have Ready when it hits saves us a Lot of time.

As a result of a Mini Bike accident I got to watch from a chair… Its not so bad hehe

Here are some Pics we have of the day of. Julie and Puppa avoided the Cameras But put in a solid effort in the Bush…. Thanks again Guys.

Deer Damage

Deer Damage


Emmette Manned the Water Pump

Emmett Manned the Water Pump


Who the Heck is.... oh its Johhny

Who the Heck is.... oh its Johhny


Squirrel Damage

Squirrel Damage


Emmette says Clean clean clean

Emmett says Clean clean clean


Its a Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood....And look there's Mr Robinson....hehe

Its a Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood....And look there's Mr Robinson....hehe




Pics From 2012 #2

Here are some more memorable moments from 2012 Enjoy

syrup lips