Balsams in Our Midst

Balsam fir trees (aka the green devils) threaten to overrun our sugar bush. They suck up much needed nutrients from our team players, the Maple trees. Balsam Fir tend to make the soil unattractive to most flora of the sugar bush; they blot out the light from the young up and coming trees; they cast many seeds per year that are very easily germinated; they grow fast and tall, outgrowing their root stability and falling over, taking out many young, struggling maple trees.
Balsams make it hard for a maple bush to grow, reproduce, and flourish.

This results in us trying to keep em in check.

Season 5 is Just Around The Corner

It comes quick and catches you off guard. Just ask Flyin’ Tim.

2014 Syrup Season is Coming Directly

Clean, clean, clean that maple machine…

2014 STS 5th Season Coming Soon…

Stay Tuned in Here Cause we have some Fun Things Coming from the Sugar Bush this Year…

The Saptosyrup Biker Gang Hit Hilton Beach’s Parade


We descended on Hilton Beach For our Second Running of The Saptosyrup Mini-Bike Gang. We tossed candy, Frisbee’s, Beach Balls and were Payed back with Cheers, Smiles, and Laughter. The Hilton Beach Community Night was a Success for All. Hope to see everyone again next year.

The Gang put together a video for you viewing pleasure.



Hilton Beach Parade 2013

Hilton Beach Parade 2013


A Cold March Day

As Sam Roberts of the Sam Roberts Band says “Everything moves real slow when its forty below”  Its not Forty below but it might as well be as far as the syrupin’ is concerned. We wait patiently for the next run and prep for next year already in the firewood area. We had lots of help this weekend and a new part of the sugar bush is cleaned of them daggone Balsam trees.

Emmett was on site to make sure we kept on task….

Here are some of Julie Robinson’s Photo’s from Emmett’s Day helping with firewood.


Bomb Ride

Bomb Ride



Emmett looking on

The harvest



Emmett Brought his dog Maggie to chase away the scooting squirrels.


Maggie Looking For Squirrels


We hope to be boiling soon…HAPPY ST PATRICK’S DAY ALL.




Happy Birthday Maddi

Sap To Syrup’s top Scientist Madison had her birthday kicks last night.  Her real birthday is not until Tuesday  but we celebrated anyway.

happy birthday

SAP training not sap training.

Sap to syrup was contacted a little while ago by a company that does S-A-P training. They basically do training for a myriad of different clients. You can check out more of what they do at

They found us somehow in the online world and thought that it would be fun to use our product in the one of the commercials that they were shooting. Mike and I thought that would be a pretty cool and just today we received an email saying that the commercial was completed.

I think that the subject matter is very enlightening when it come to extracting sap from a maple tree. A very good seminar, but you be the judge.

flannel will never go out of style

Guys from Toronto

Hey out there.

I invited a couple of friends up from Toronto to see what Maple Syrup was like, they worked like crazy and had a good time.

luckiest shot ever


Down the Hill

Heading down the NEW P-Line Hill

Spence hanging out with his Friend.

Happy Adrian

Happy Dan


Of course this is not very accurate but funny none the less.

Raccoon Dance

This gift was made from a video shot right in front of the sugar bush. He is mocking you Mike!

I want to be on Wipeout

So I am applying for this game show called wipe out. The grand prize is $50,000 so that will help us expand the sugar bush.

I think this is going to be great. Check out the video I submitted for it:


sap to syrup edit

Hello Everyone

Recently I found an online video on how to make maple syrup eggnog. I seemed like a nice enough recipe but what really got me was the fact the presenter was using fake maple syrup.

I decided to dub over the real ingredients that she was using, enjoy.

Remember there is no substitute for real maple syrup!

Maple syrup for everyone

I was listening to the point today on CBC and heard these crazy guys talking about affordable maple syrup for all Canadians. It was pretty good, some of the suggestions was to have a tax credit for maple syrup.

You can listen to the full audio of the show, part II.

There is a serious reason that the price of maple syrup is so high, last year was a pretty bad year. A number of farms did not make much syrup and this caused there to be a decrees in supply, this in turn drove the price up.

Also people that don’t buy real maple syrup will not be really missing anything as they don’t value it at all. This reminds me of some friends’ kids who were visiting and decided to put real maple syrup on their pancakes rather than fake stuff. It was so sweat that they ending up throwing it out, what a waste.

It’s not that big a deal to buy maple syrup as it is not something you buy everyday. You buy a 4L juge and it can last you the whole year.

I could go on and on about this but I won’t as I think this segment of the program was put in to lighten things up, It has to be a joke.

The Bomb

So it has been a while since I have posted anything. I have been working on setting up my new computer system. I recently switched over to a mac from PC, something I suggest everyone do. When I was moving all my files from one computer to another I found some old pictures and videos from the 2008 syrup season.

I was going crazy with dial up, trying to upload a video took 8h or so. I found this video of my friend and I taking his new to him bombardier trail groomer for a ride through the bush. I am not sure what the model number is but it’s pretty kick ass. This year we have a new 4 wheeler I am sure that it is going to help us out the the bush, though I don’t think it could take out a tree like this.

“Special” Maple syrup

It was new years day and we had a few friends spend the night, It was a great new years and Christmas. On new years day we went out to a place called Disgraceland. I had been there a few times before and was not too impressed. The owner is really nice and I have gone to a metal night there that was fun. There are only three things that are negatives about the bar.

  1. Beer is expensive
  2. Food is not worth the money
  3. Too many hipsters

But Than I saw this on the menu:

WOW espresso infused! I asked the waitress (with the heavy British accent) if it was real maple syrup? Yes it is she said, saying that she had received a lot of maple syrup as gifts during the holidays.  “O.K.” I said, “I’ll have the pancakes with “espresso infused maple syrups!”.

When the syrup came to the table I knew right away something was up:

Retail this would be about $6 and the colour, dark is an understatement. Totally NOT maple syrup, I hate that! I really should have known but I really wanted to see what “espresso infused maple syrups!” Tasted like. I know that “espresso infused Aunt Jemima!” does not look very good on a menu.  In it’s defense it was “infused” with something. From what I could make out they were small dots of something that were a bit crunchy.

So I did get something a bit different, I received “Coffee Grind Infused Aunt Jemima!”

The pancakes tasted like they were made from a mix too. I should have asked for my money back!

New Url – New Site


I have been working to create a new theme for this site and I think it looks pretty good. Word press is a very powerful and helpful tool for web developers. I want to put a bit more work into this site to see if I can keep it going all year. I found this fun little picture in my travels in cyber space.

vermont Owned

Someone was not thinking when they put this picture together!